Saturday, February 25, 2006

Typing with my eyes closed...

Which means I'll have more typos than usual and that I may fall asleep at some point...
I just feel so many things right now.
I want to cry, but I can't say why.
I feel nauseous, and my shoulder hurts.

The date was alright...
mr. husband was too tired.
he apologized a thousand times for being no fun,
but it happens.
He began to offer a make-up present of some kind,
but I cut him off--
How about you take me snowmobiling next weekend?
Silly man.
As if I need to be spoiled all the time...
Ok, it IS my preferred method of handling, but still.

I need to start preparing for my mid-term exam.
I have an assignment to prepare a bunch of poems and present them to my group on Tuesday...

I lost 7 pounds.
Even better, my muscles are getting muscley again.
How much do I love my body when it's strong?
Thaaaaaaaaaaat much.
Maybe a little more.
My hair is getting long.

I had something to say...
what was it?

As I drove home from dropping off the sitter,
"Black Velvet" came on the radio...
fucking sexy song.
I wanted to call in an audio post of what I did next,
but that would have required stopping the car and at least two extra hands.
So I didn't.
But it's possible that if you sit very still, you can still hear the sounds of my breathing echoing through the night air, sliding and slipping toward you across the globe.

I really should be in bed,
but I felt like meditating.
And this is the place for that.

I dont know.
I just don't.

I remember my earliest day dream was of a lush clearing in a forest/jungle,
with a pool of water, filld by a quiet waterfall. There was usually a unicorn grazing nearby, and I was always accosted by a prince or a knight at some point.
I can't believe I was 20 before I started having FANTASIES.

The world feels inside out right now.
It feels dull where it should be sharp,
and loud where it should be still.
My body aches, but my spirit soars.
I will .
Why can't I just be...........this or that?
Why did the chicken cross(dress in) the road?
Cuz he dropped his tranny...
Wow, I just made that up.
Fuckin' awesome.

Does anyone out there know how to fix html??? me fix this stupid template.
My code king has found a new subject, and is no longer available for such projects.

Sleep well.
Or at least fuck well.

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