Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh sweet elation!

The most wonderful thing in the WHOLE world has just occured!
I won't even apologize for my exaggeration, because I'm THAT excited.
I am over the moon--
do you see me? I am poised rather precariously, just there, to the right (or left if you're in the southern hemisphere. ok, that was a lie, I ahve no idea of that's how it works)
I am as giddy as a teenager in love,
a kid in a candy store--
a nympo on a navy ship!

One of the sweetest souled (and soled--but not sold) bloggers on my sidebar has just given me the most beautiful gift!
She sent me the missing posts.
She has one of those super tricky Blog Reader programs, and the AUDIO and another missing post were there!!!
So, I think I can recreate the missing stuff.
But first.
And far more importantly--
I give you a sonnet, a haiku and a lymeric!

Ode to Simply Satisfied
(14 lines, iambic pentameter, ABBA ABBA CDE CDE rhyme scheme)

She is a real live woman true and clear--
her heart is pure, her gorgeous smiles too rare,
with words on a page she shows her soul bare,
stronger than steel, she can vanquish her fear.

Er...I suck at sonnets.
Who's up for leaving it at one quatrain?
Ok, good.

Haikus are much more fun...

Her jagged beauty
pushes through from the inside
casting light on all.

Best for last, perhaps.
A dirty, silly Limerick:

(I don't know the rules except rhyming smutiness, so don't be too picky on my form)

She says satisfied,
but she needs a ride--
on my Harley or maybe my face.
we'd ride away fast,
you'd be wise not to cast
suspicions our way
if you're smart.

We'd roar through each town,
wipe away every frown,
with our topless dance
you'd tent your pants.

The End.

I will now attempt the grand re-posting.

(I hope she doesn't regret helping me...)

Missing post:

Saturday morning

Hungover but Happy

Which is cool, because happy drunks don't always make for happy hangoverers.

I do NOT think I will be listening to this audio post,
although, now that I think of it, I never do.
Did I talk about the lead singer of the band at the bar we left?
If not, I must.
Dude must have been hibernating for the past 20 years.
He didn't age well, but he was an exact replica of a 1985 small town rock band singer.
He thought he was a rock star, he really did.
And speaking of rock stars, I drank like one last night.
Feel like one this morning.
Yes, Mick Jagger is the one I feel like.

Maybe I'll just post here* today...
this feels all warm and cozy and maybe that's just the nausea fading away.
I was in bed for 4 not-very-sleep-filled hours,
and I've been up for almost 2--breakfast for kids (with a smile, even!!),
swept entire main floor, tidied stuff, emptied and filled dishwasher
(hubby was in charge of dinner last night, so of course it was still covering the counter this morning),
and some other stuff, don't remember.

So we went to the first bar,
where my friend thought she would try a bloody mary.
we ordered two.
I drank them both, in a matter of seconds.
Liquid cocktail sauce...mmm..
oh, wait--I audio posted that, didn't I?
So then blah blah and we drove to the other bar,
in hot pursuit of karaoke.
We found it.
And I think we rocked it, but I really can't be sure.
I was as drunk
as the proverbial skunk.
I was actually riding a very strong buzz, mostly, but it was a big one.
Uh...that sounds super dirty.

There were probably more stories, but I can't concentrate anymore.
We had a fantastic time, which is the most important part.
I think I'll go back to bed.
House is clean, kids are full.
Time to go hide in my bed.

* I started this post in my comments, but once it got too lengthy, I moved it...dummy head.

From Friday night, when I was out with a friend--
drunk out of my mind.

Click here for my lost/then found audio post!!!


Not only that, but when I took the dog for her walk an hour ago, we went right past the kitchen window of my neighbor with the hot 20 year old son...he was shirtless and the room was well-lit...
I have probably never mentioned how much I love a man's back.
Backs and hands and that order, are my favorite non-specifically-sexual body parts of a man.
I was hoping the dog would choose that spot for a nice long poo, but then I realized I didn't want them to see me staring in their window...

And that's all I have to say about that.
(hey, I haven't ripped off a movie quote in a LONG time. I'm due!)

Also, that annoynig bitch from that stupid show that I have never and will never watch, the OC, was one of the ghosties on Sixth Sense.
In case you care.
I know I didn't.

Happy President's Day!

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