Monday, February 13, 2006

I meant to do this earlier...

But I guess you all know what "they" say about good intentions.
"They" are such condescending pricks, aren't they?

So I've been working all day on my husband's super Valentine's Day surprise...
yes, it's a hokey holiday, but I don't care.
I enjoy hokey.
I had a terrific and productive day--
not to be confused with terrifying and reproductive...
Had a great workout, stuck to my stupidmotherfuckingDIET.
Started (re)reading MidSummer Night's Dream for class next week.
Started early because I love that play.
Shakespeare himself is my favorite dead guy, bar none.
He trumps Cobain, Farley, and Jesus even.
It's not my fault, it's just fact.

Today I had a strange mix of Beatles, Cult, Pearl Jam and Zepellin pushing me through my workout.
My thoughts were on fire--
Johnny Cash was even there!
Ring of Fire.
And as it played, I realized I should have quoted it earlier in the day.
but doing so now would sort of lesson the impact.
And I'm all about impact.
Impact and chocolate.
And rock.
And sex.
I am a naughty little tiger.
Did you even know that I am a tiger?
Well, I am.
Or at least I was.
(my high school mascot...)

Well, faaaack.
It would appear that my five minutes of peace and/or quiet for the day have just expired.

Braless Tuesday's gonna be goooood.....

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