Friday, February 10, 2006

Where the fuck have you people been all week?

Jesus CHRIST, it's like you weren't even posting.

That's right--
And I might just be as fiery as my pubes would be if I had any.
Yeah, I'm a bit of a redhead--mostly blonde-ish/brownish, but red enough for the fire to surge through me most of the time.
Before sharing your opinion on the subject, read this: I DON'T CARE.
We've already taken polls (and poles...but not Poles) on the subject and I win.
Black is beautiful.
especially on me.
Er...I should probably add something like, "It would be even more beautiful IN me", but I might get my ass kicked.

I'm listening to this radio broadcast of one of my good friends from home,
his band's song is taking off big on local radio.
He's also a comedian, so this should be good.
Ok, yeah, maybe I still have a bit of a crush on him,
but that shouldn't surprise ANY of you.
Me and crushes are like salt and pepper.

I should probably go pick up my kids...
but I was so excited to post!!
while I was driving, I was checking out the guy in the truck behind me,
with his cute little daughter in her car seat next to him,
and THEN.
The little fucker lit up a cigarette.
He only took a couple of drags, then tossed it, cuz I think he felt my eyes burning two holes directly through his skull bone.

I have momentum, and shit to say, but no time.
Perhaps I'll be back.
Perhaps not.
I don't expect you to care, since I don't.
I do, however, expect you to have a weekend that doesn't suck, and to be nice to everyone no matter what.
Oh yeah, and no whining.

fuck, this post sucks for a first back after most of a week away.
god dammit.
I'll write more later.
cuz that's what I feel like doing.

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