Sunday, February 26, 2006

Driving along, singing a song--

out of key, but fortunately not without my keys.
hey, I don't know how to hot wire a car, so it would suck, ok??
The singing? Well, that would just suck if I had had passengers.
But I didn't, so it didn't.

I need to hire about 5 monkeys with good typing skills, if anyone knows of any.
I'm behind on my correspondence.
And homework.
And sleep.
Either that or I am getting lotion in my eyes.
They want to close.

Tonight I get to go see my new babies!!!
Yes, they're mine.
My friend had her twins a couple of days ago,
and we finally get to go see them.
I am so excited!!!
My boys are trying REALLY hard to understand how twins can be boy/girl.
You know how I'm the Elipses Queen?
Or used to be--I don't abuse them as much anymore.
My boys' teacher taught them about elipses...and they used them when writing!
They told me "That's an elipses. You put three dots to show that something more is coming."
I was jaw-gaping astounded.
And proud.
So today when I was reading from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I pointed out parentheses and explained their use.
We'll see if I am as effective as the teacher...

Had a great visit with my parents.
It always goes by much too quickly.
They are talking very seriously about moving here...
anyone want to buy a house in Maine?
It's only 2 miles from one of the most beautiful, quietest sand beaches on the whole coast.
There's an ice skating pond and a river for kayaking, both in walking distance.

My mom and I finished planning our trip...
I think we're ready to go!!
My passport arrived on Thursday, at the travel agent's office, but I didn't have a chance to pick it up yet.
Tomorrow for sure.
(Unless I go back to bed after putting my kids on the bus again...)

I felt like writing, earlier, when I was driving.
The words were dancing around on the mountain-filled horizon,
like Usher.
Smooth, sharp and fluid.
I was mesmerized by them,
and wondered if they would taste the same as he would.
Probably not.
I had more thoughts then, but I have dulled them now, with time and talk.

I was thinking of you.
Yeah, you.
I kept seeing you...and marveling at the perfection.
It's as though the gods got drunk that day, and let you slip to earth without adding any flaws.
We all start out perfect, and then the gods twist and tint and stretch and smoosh.
But not you.
I want to bite my way up your inseam,
hunched over you, hungrily swallowing you down--
feeling you grow to fill my throat, I resume a rhythmmic motion.
...I think I talk about sex so much on here, that I forget what's shocking, sometimes.
I have dulled my own sense of propriety,
and good riddance to it.

It is now time to walk to the park with the kids.
That should wake me up.

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