Friday, February 24, 2006

I spell "relief" with an S, an I, an L, an E, an N, a C, and another E.

Yes, I know that won't get me far in a spelling bee.
But when I arrived at the poker game last night,
a brother-in-law immediately fired, "How do you spell 'supercilious'?" at me.
I love the looks on people's faces when I spell any word at a little over the speed of light.
I have to spell fast, otherwise I doubt myself.
I spell so fast that I don't actually think about it.
...who's done talking about spelling...?

I had a fan-FUCKING-tastic workout today.
And spring finally wandered back into the room.
I feel like dancing--
on a table.

Poker was fun.
My Dad won the whole pot,
which was fantastic.
I folded a couple of times when it came down to just the two of us,
because I couldn't handle the thought of beating my own father...
I still did once or twice, though.
I love that game.
Except when playing with people who like to bluff when I have a good hand.
There were FOUR hearts showing (texas hold 'em), and I had two pair.
It was easy to believe that at least one of the 3 people who went "all-in" had a heart, but no.
They all admitted afterwards that they didn't.
So, I let them scare me out of a win because COME THE FUCK ON--how could they have NOT had a heart???

Ok, enough of the recap...
I get to go on a date with my husband!!
I know, I mentioned that in my audio, but I'm really excited.
As soon as I finish here I'll go shower and go pick up the sitter.
I think I'll dress up a bit tonight...
we'll see.
Well, I will. You won't.

Also, for anyone interested in posting audio from their own blogs,
just go here.
It is verrrrry easy.

I really like this song.

I have nothing else to say right now.
Kids are asking for snacks,
and I have to go get ready.
Dammit, that reminds me:
I have not attached my shower massager yet.

Happy weekend to you all--

Oh, shit, I forgot the best part!!!
My Dad was trying to figure out how to use the remote for our dish,
and he stumbled across our PORN channel.
I hear him exclaim and I look over to get an eyefull of a girl getting a mouthful.
(of really large cock)
We all just pretended like nothing happened.
I just hope he doesn't know it's a subscription channel...

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