Thursday, February 16, 2006


And instead of listening to the radio like I did as a kid,
I just put my kids on the bus,
then heard my husband say, "You're not going to school today."
And he's the boss, so I'm eager to acquiesce.
Apparently one of the freeways is closed and the rest are inching along.
It isn't snowing anymore but the roads are thick with icy snow.
Because Utah doesn't know how to keep its streets clear.
Fucking stupid place, with all its stupid drivers.
Jackasses who think that just because they have 4-wheel-drive, they can drive like the roads are dry.
Guess again, dick heads.
You may have improved mobility, but not everyone does.
So when you cut me off, I slide into you;
when you tailgate me, I can't be held responsible for you sliding into me;
and most of all, when you are going too fast to make it around a corner do NOT blame me.
Stupid motherfucking, cocksucking rednecks.
God DAMN I hate them.
At least in Maine, rednecks knew how to drive in the snow.
AND the streets were kept sanded/cleared.
Oh well.
I needed A. somethnig to bitch about, and B. a day off without the kids!
Yesterday was ridiculous.
Baby boy wasn't sick enough to get my sympathy, but he was sick enough to be a whiney-head.
He wouldn't rest, but needed to.
Ok, so he still got some Mommy-sympathy, but it wasn't easy.

I really wish I had something to say today.

I have nothing
to say

My parents will be here on Sunday, for the week.
(I just spent ten minutes griping about Mormons, but I've deleted it...)
I can't wait to see them.
Then, the weekend after they leave, is my husband's (30th) birthday.
We're going to Idaho to go snowmobiling.
yeeee haaaaaw!
4 other couples are going too, and our cabin has a sauna, a hot tub, a fire place, a big screen...
And the Lava Hot Springs are just a few miles away.
THAT is going to be one hell of a weekend.
I leave for Paris 3 days after that, though, so it may be a little eclipsed.
It's going to be kind of hard to focus on anything for a while, I'm realizing.

I was dismayed to discover, last week, that I will be starting my
stupidfuckinguseless period the day I leave for Paris (give or take a couple of days)
The last thing I want is to be stressing about finding bathrooms more often than my small bladder already requires,
and wasting CRUCIAL luggage space on carrying girly stuff.
So here's my plan...
I'm going to go get a one month supply of birth control pills,
and start them a week or two before my trip, and continue taking them until I get back.
(french for "there it is", fyi)
(which I learned 16 years ago, lest you think I'm some NOVICE. I know lots of french. If anyone leaves a comment about how much french I should learn, I'm going to kick them. In the fingers.)
So do you think I'm crazy?
I just haaaaate that stupid waste of energy as it is--
can't my body get the memo: hubby is snipped, no need for fertilization preparation, turn off.
And to think of dealing with that, on top of possible jet lag and finding (pre-booked) hotels and trying to take the right trains, and...
well, it just adds one more thing for me to worry about, when I'd rather just enjoy the trip.
I think this solves the problem.


I think I might just vote this post off the goddamned island, what do you say?
Possibly ri-cock-ulous.

I think I'll quit while I'm...ahead?
Or something.
My sincere apologies for sucking so badly.
(yes, I usually suck so well, it's a shame.)

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