Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WOW. What a party!

I am still drunk from last night, I think.
Just kidding...
I'm really not.
But I am still rather hammered in a "tired and icky" sorta way.
We had silly girl fun and played pool and attempted to play cupid for two toothless patrons, and patted a great big Great Dane--a black one, who knew?--and then when the bar closed, the bartender's husband walked by in a cloud of...smoke...wink-wink, and then and then...
That is all.

Despite my lingering ick, I woke this morning filled with a gentle, serene feeling.
it was as if all my chomping at bits and pawing of hooves had finally abated.
This past week or so I have been swimming in synchronicity--
and finally I stepped onto shore, and it is left on my skin, sparkling like diamonds.
It's as though a cloud overhead has dispersed, and there is good cause for its departure--
no swift wind, no cold front.
I felt the wind in my hair, though, and the changing air temperatures as I hurtled onward.
The rumble beneath and wild and wild and free!
I am at peace with my world.

Today I ran to and fro and my listening ear is shriveled and unwilling...
but I have one more friend to see.
She'll be here any minute.
Am excited if tired.


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