Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gorgeous. Motherfucking. Day.

Absolute perfection.
Yesterday was...
a bit of a wash, really.
I put my kids on the bus and crawled back into bed.
I chatted with hubby while he got ready for work,
then tumbled back into sand-man land.
I had strange dreams--
whose content eludes me now, but was disturbing, nonetheless.
I woke to see the clock shouting at me:
A delayed start ran through me, and I sat up.
Then my inner slug whispered, "you have 25 minutes..."
and I crumpled back down into my soft, cool sheets.
I lingered in half-awake-ville until I miraculously opened my eyes at 11:00.
Stretching and groaning, I stumbled from bed and considered going in my PJs.
After eating a few bites of watermelon, I felt energized--
like a triple A, when I needed a car battery.
But it was enough, and I put on some gym clothes (hoping this would force me to go there)
and went to retrieve the sweet little ones from school.
We hit Subway and then home.
I did a bit of computer stuff and then told the kids it was time to go to the gym.
I went upstairs to get my shoes...
and my bed lured me into its warm embrace again.
The Mask 2 was playing on HBO and that was the perfect excuse to invite the kids to join me for some lazy time.
They dug it.
It is not a grown ups movie, but it was fun for them.
And then...
when I could take it no longer, I got in the shower.
I had too much to do yesterday to wallow in my own self...not pity, no...I was wallowing in my own self-gratification, maybe.
Something like that.
Hubby called just in the nick of time (or is that "knick"??) to tell me he was coming home early.
All my problems were solved.
I could leave the kiddos with him while doing the retardationalized errands I had been avoiding, because I didn't want to drag the kdis.
Yay me.

The end of the day brought terribly unsanitary things on the kitchen counter with my husband, to which my sluggish mind was not quite atuned, so he thought I wasn't into it...I was, just so sleepy...
Then we moved it upstairs, cuz that man sure does take his time.
Which is a good thing, it's just that kitchen counters are hard and my bed is slightly less so (no, really, it's practically a futon).
And then, of course, I was energized.
So I went out for Krispy Kremes, because that's what I deserved after a day of
ooooh, well.
We also were lucky enough to stumble upon a run of all the previous episodes of "Big Love", so we started that.
I have to say: nothing like polygamists I've known/known of.
And yes, I've known some personally.
They were too modern, too normal--too unspiritual.
But other than that, I like it.

And I believe this concludes today's segment of "A Day in the Life of the Most Boring Woman Alive".
Thanks for tuning in.
Maybe someday I'll start posting nipples again.

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