Saturday, June 10, 2006

I am a sample in a jar

I'm trying to decide if I want to take a roadtrip with my kids...
a 30 hour drive to the film festival,
then another 25 or 30 to my family in Maine...
only 48 on the way back, though!
Cuz what if it's so awful on the way, that just getting in the car for the return sends me into cardiac arrest?
If we get a portable DVD player, and Game Boys for them then I can see it working.
And most importantly, if I go into it with a good attitude.
It'll be a grand adventure.
We can stay at hotels
(which fascinates them because Daddy stays at them when he travels)
and eat junk food,
and stop anywhere that looks cool or weird or interesting
and get out and run around sometimes.
I dunno.
I can digest that part ok,
but it's the thought of then having to spend time as "company",
with the darling little terrors on their best behavior...
which is only hit-or-miss under the best of circumstances.
I guess the key is: the boys only stress me out in several instances.
1. when I am trying to do something and they are interupting me
2. when I have company or am company and they won't leave my side and/or stop talking to me
3. when I and/or they are hungry/tired
So...number one is easy, because we'll just be driving and I won't have anyone/thing else I need to pay attention to.
yes, I'll be ready for a break from them once evening hits, but they'll sleep well, and I can sit up and read or blog or sneak down to the hotel bar and screw some stranger.
ooops. Not that one.
So then there's number 2, and I just need to work on that.
And number 3 will be dicey, but manageable.
Ok, then.
I might have talked myself into this.
I guess I'm just jonesing for a roadtrip, and this might be the only way I can do both the festival and my trip home.
And I really feel like it's important for me to meet the man face-to-face.
But maybe he'll hate my write-ups so it will be best if I don't.
I should be working.
I only have less than half of one review written (the play was awesome, by the way),
and I have to leave in two hours for the second play.
I then have to scurry home and go 20 miles south for a BBQ.
But it's worth it.
Good friends, good times.
And we're swimming, so I'll get to see that one guy's pierced nipples again.

Hey...thanks for letting me dump out the contents of my head here...
it's a huge help.
I am daily amazed by how many REAL people there are in this little section of BlogLand.
I have evolved.....from normal to way-too-wild and back to normal.
Yeah, normal me is pretty wild, anyway, so it works out ok.

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