Monday, June 26, 2006

Hot as a blacktop road trip on the sun...

or something.

Today was hot, if you didn't catch onto that from the title.

I am back to normal, in case anyone's been wondering if the nice folks with the straight jackets were going to be needing a call.
Hormones are back in the backseat, where they will snooze off and on, bicker occasionally, and moon truckers.
Until next time.
But whatever.
such is life.

I had some poetry slipping through my skull bones and wrapping around my ocular nerve today at the gym...
I meant to come home and put it here.
But I think I dropped it...
I was imagining...
yeah, you know who you are.
my beautiful, magnificent one.
could probably replace that "my" with "O," like a poem...and it's more truthful.
Not mine.
but beautiful.
Beauty of such intricacy leaking out from the inside in a steady stream, and washing over each feature, each eyelash...
I was spinning along on my treadmill, and I was listening to music.
I imagined your neck, and how it might feel if I left a trail of soft kisses in an arch across the front of it, landing just below your ear with a shuddery sort of breath, before drawing teeth across earlobe and ending with what would sound like a moan if it was magnified...
And then I stopped thinking in words, and started slowing my pace, as my eyes lost focus and kept trying to close--
the better to see you, my dear...
you were there, your eyes dancing in firelight, your hands pulling me onto your lap, from their perch on the skin of my back, under my shirt.
you would like looking up at me for a change, with my cleavage so handily located.
You would be like a hungry puppy, almost unsure of where to start...
mouths meeting like magnets, I would solve the second-long dilemma for you.
tongues darting and lips pressing, moving...
you are a god.
or will be, someday, when finally the maker retires and passes you the sceptor.
I am drifting off, and want to keep my images--and the words that paint them--to myself.

Being a declared writer has given me a free pass to be crazy.
What a brilliant move that was!!!!!!
Praise jeebus.
I am hungry.
Dinner came early, and I exercised hard.
I am having a goreously perfect hair day--
which seems to happen more when I'm alone...
And also when I'm seeing someone important it tends to look terribe.

Hey, so you know what's cool?
That high school sweetheart I've been in touch with...
we've actually hashed through everything that happened "back then",
and it's really been amazing.
I finally know what was happening on his side, and he finally knows
how much he hurt me.
And he has offered sincere apologies.
It has been extremely healing.
I count myself very fortunate to have this experience, because I know that most people never get to have those lingering questions answered.

Ok, I'm done.
Fun stuff to do all week, and then hubby will be home.
No more travel for a while...I think.
Let's hope.
I'm such a wuss.


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