Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging hiatus--

but for a really good reason!
And, of course, knowing me I won't really be as absent as all that.
For those of you in the know--
(and I'm spelling this wrong so that searches won't lead people here)
Traaaaverse City is back on!!
I start today.
I have a partial film list,
there will be 47 total.
Ok, backing up--for those of you not in the know.
I will be writing the film descriptions for a philm phestival (sorry, again with the search terms avoidance) in the above mentioned Michigan Town.
I am really excited for the opportunity to work with/for a nationally known,
and both revered and loathed, director.
His politics aren't always my own, but I like what he's doing.
Very cool. nair has reached the wash-off point, so I better go.
yes, that means I'm standing in front of my laptop naked, but for some hastily smeared Nair.
hubby's been gone all week--wouldn't want him coming home to stubble!!

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