Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shakespeare, hold onto your fake beard!!!

Cuz here I come!
I am heading out in the morning for a town about 3 hours south of here called Cedar City.
It hosts the Tony Award winning, ___th annual Shakespearean Festival.
I will be seeing 2 plays tomorrow and 2 plays on Saturday.
I just booked our hotel, and sweet hubby found a willing victim to watch our boys all weekend...eek..!
Sucks to be them.
That was uncalled for.

Ok, so I'm really excited and kind of nervous--
my editor wants me to fill 2 whole pages with reviews and historical background and (thank god) pictures.
I'm seeing 4 amazing plays, so it shouldn't actually be all that hard.
I am beyond excited.

we got the only room left in town with high speed wireless internet, so you'll be hearing from me!


Oh, I should also mention that we had a delicate little lightening storm today...
it wasn't grand or inspiring, but it still was beautiful.
Soft rain came down, and the thunder was oh-so-loud.
The bolts of lightening were thin and jagged...
looking almost breakable.

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