Tuesday, June 13, 2006


man's best friend.
Well, mine, at least.

I have been working very hard at finding things to do other than my appointed task.
I am dreading the actual writing of these things...
Have been doing research, including watching parts of films, and parts of wrong versions of films by the same name, and screwing the husband.

I wish that this film thingy could have happened differently...
like, I wish I had enough time to watch each film, to absorb it and spin something lovely to entice festival attendees to watch THAT film.
Oh well.
I'm glad to be able to help.

tomorrow will be a fun day.
And thursday I will go dress shopping...
because Friday is an awards dinner, formal attire.
the porsche-driving harvard MBA bro-in-law was nominated for entrepreneur of the year.
Should be fun.
Saturday, another play.
Sunday, father's day.
Monday...ssshh....my birthday....
Tuesday, dinner with Becky & Justin!!
I love it!!

Ta ta for now, tiggers--

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