Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If laughter isn't the best medicine, then I don't know what is.

medical marijuana, perhaps?
Just got off the phone with the Notorious B.S.A. (a.k.a. Becky)
Oh, crap, not really.
It would be RSA, but close enough.
We got going on one of those laughing fits...
you know the ones.
In fact, you've heard them on at least one audio post.
But this one was highly necessary, as I've been bordering on borderline homicidal lately.
Not suicidal.
That would deprive the world of one of its greatest assets.
So anyway, I actually had one outburst that was painful.
It felt like a freight train rising out of my diaphragm.
I wish I could share the conversation with you, but it was born out of a rather unpleasant conversation starter.
And then we were tumbling through the funniest shit you can imagine, along the lines of "Death Becomes Her"....
well, basically I told her that when I get a book deal, I'll buy a house and we can live there together--I'll get my tummy tuck, she'll get some boobs, and we'll fuck as many guys as possible.
This was the beginning...
so then it was jokes about face lifts and needing to move on to the black men, cuz we'd be too loose, then she said, "or blind men!" I think that's when the freight train of laughter burst forth.

oh my...
I just caught a glimpse of the dusk sky out the top of my shuttered windows...
to backyard.
Or to roof?
If I don't comment within the hour, call 911.

thank the good lord for good friends who can make you laugh.

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