Friday, June 23, 2006

Get what ya neeeeeed, aw, yeah....

Loves me some Rolling Stones, baby!!
It's true, you can't always get what you want.
I sing that to my spoiled little darlings sometimes.
They appreciate neither my vocal abilities nor my message.
as if.

So, yes, the thunderclouds have passed.
The sun is shining in my soul today...
That was the all time worst case of late-to-the-party PMS I have EVER had.
Except for that one time, at band camp.
Just kidding.
And no, I won't stick a flute in or around my pussy.
Those things are just unsanitary.

Ok, moving right along.
Gym was god--nice typo, I meant good, but really it's more like god at times like these.
Just got a call from one of the husband's brothers.
We're joining them for a quick campout in the closest-to-them mountains.
There are like a billion different mountains to choose from, so yes, I had to specify.
I'm almost caught up on laundry (2 loads down, 2 to go--woot!)
And the tension is easing itself out of me in gulps and gasps.
Finally getting laid last night was no small dose of good medicine, either.
Hubby gone for 3 days + me still unavailabe for use upon his return = horny girl.

Tomorrow, white water rafting with best friend (and my husband, but she's guiding so it's kind of her thing).
And then dinner/maybe a movie.
There are some good ones out...
including Wordplay!
I saw it at Sundance, and it features (rather briefly, but still!!) our own miss darling Orange Tangerine!!
It's a wonderful film, and i would think so even if I hadn't met most of the folks on it, and its director.
So that's it.
See that, if you see anything.
Speaking of films.
Once the list from my project is made public, I will be posting a list of my own--
I came across a ton of movies that I really looking forward to seeing.
And I'd like to share that with you.
But first, I'll probably change from my suit coat to a cardigan, and from my loafers to some sneakers.
yes, I'll be your neighbor!!

Off to enjoy my still-frantic but so luscious it makes my mouth water Life!
Thank you all so much for not pointing and laughing, or kicking me while I was obnoxiously down...
Not that I mind a good spanking, it's just there's a time and a place.


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