Sunday, January 01, 2006

Well, I'd SAY it's a happy new year!

No hangover, and a beautiful day outside.
Ok, so I'm still mad at myself for forgetting to take my phone out with me last night.
I could have done so much better on that audio post...
If I would have been...uh, less drunk, I would have called the babysitter and had her look up the audioblogger phone number on my phone.
But I wasn't.
Oh, I can't say I was ever drunk drunk, but I was wonderfully buzzed all night.
I somehow stumbled into the perfect pace of drinking and eating and dancing--
and not laughing very much at the comic.
All he did was SING.
His songs were mildly amusing.
All the...seemingly less intelligent folks seemed to be enjoying him, though.
He has a bumper sticker that I'll have to buy.
It was the only thing I REALLY laughed at.
"My Dixie Wrecked."
It's a song about his girlfriend racing stock cars...
that was when I first realized I am just a bit too smartsy fartsy for his humor:
I got the joke about 10 minutes before anyone else there.
So I was laughing my ass off.
And then he made some comment about everyone finally getting the joke, and I realized any chance of true love was now just a bitter memory.
I mean I knew any chance he had of earning me as a fan was out the window.
(no, really--I saw it, its little nose pressed against the glass, sitting out there in the dark and rainy night, shivering and fighting back tears. Sorry "chance," better luck next time...)
Wow, I'm crazy.

We played pool for about 3 minutes, but the other guys couldn't handle it when our husbands won, so we gracefully moved along.
I kept having wild little thoughts.
Oh yeah, and I really loved how I ended up looking, which is a plus.
I was buzzed enough to not laugh hysterically when the band played "Feel Like Makin' Love" and I slow(ish) danced with my husband to it.
I mean, SHIT, is that the corniest damn thing to have ever occurred?

Oh, and in my audio post, I was really trying to say something about how much I love this little community and that I would love to drink all of you down, but of course I had to ammend that because clearly some of you would give me indigestion...
(or a rash)
but how beautiful would it be to swim around in the thoughts of dear friends all over the world?
I wanted to convey that so much differently.
I felt like a coma patient, who had these clear and articulate thoughts, flowing smoothly through my head and instead they came out like mumbled mouthfuls of marbles...
I always wish that I could just turn off my composition mode when I'm not near my computer.
Oh well.
My newest mp3 player has a really great voice recorder, so maybe I ought to start carrying that with me.
Of course, my cell phone has one, too--and look how well I remembered THAT last night.

So this morning at the crack of 7:30, our boys began to stir.
This is their usual time, no biggie.
I stepped out into the hall to remind them that we had guests scattered around the house, so they would need to be quiet.
I was met with a child I did not recognize.
It was Oliver, but I had to rub at my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating or dreaming or blind.
He wasn't himself.
his lips and mouth were swollen, changing the whole appearance of his face.
Alarm set over me, and I began asking him questions.
He showed me his hand, which was also swollen--his left hand, and he is right-handed.
I woke my husband and he suggested we give him benadryl and check the internet for possible causes.
Hubby was convinced it was an allergic reaction, after running his search.
So we did Benadryl and ice packs and a bath to wash off whatever it was.
I was skeptical...
that mama voice in the back of my head echoing the last two trips to the ER--
I was bordering on panic, inside, but thanks to my Mom's example I am generally super calm on the outside and able to handle stuff like that.
I finally fully believed it was a topical allergy of some sort when we took off his pants for the bath--little monkey had handled his unit enough with the hand that had touched whatever the allergen was to cause freakish swelling there, as well.
It kinda made me boys love to be naked and for anyone who has boys, you'll back me up--they are constantly fiddling with the thing.
So I guess that's how I knew it wasn't something more mysterious and was able to let the benadryl do its job and quit feeling like we were about to spend another week in the hospital.
This poor little One of mine.
He is nearly normal again, and I'm wishing I would have gotten a picture of his face.


yes, Justin, the beer was absolutely wonderful!
We each had a couple before leaving for our evening out, and the quality was much appreciated by all.
Utah has WEAK beer, for anyone wondering what that is all about.
It was so much fun to meet my blogger buddies in real life.
We had fun conversation, great pool games--
wherein I showcased my complete lack of skill, and heard Becky's awesome "first time" story!
We look forward to getting together again.
And still, i need to write about the evening properly.


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