Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here I sit.

(this is from friday night; couldn't get it to post)

I really need to fuck with my html.
I hate knowing that my page looks all crazy to some people,
although, frankly it's a bit twilight zone-ish.
Sometimes I can scroll all the way down, sometimes I can't.
I think there were other issues, but I can't remember them right now.
Brown cow...

So my guest arrived, right on time.
We yammered away for the good part of a work day--
closest estimates peak the 7 hour mark.
When she left for her premiere/welcome party, she passed my husband in the driveway.
I had no words left for him.
And it is now known: there is a limit to my jaw's jabbering.
I was in a zombie-like state--
not quite catatonic, just thirsting for the blood of humans...
So I have now transformed yet another "fake" friend into a "real" friend.
("fake" due to lack of 3-dimensional proof of existence)
(also, I didn't transform her with some crazy brand of black magic, the transformation is the by-product of our encounter. fuck, this sounds wrong!)
Meeting blog folks is fun.
I want to do it more.
I WILL go on a World Blog Tour, someday.
I swear it, this day!!
Let it be known, let it be written!!
Sorry, I think I turned into the hero from some kind of over-acted poorly written play for a moment...

I have lovely, luscious, and loud emails to answer.
You first, my secret crush.
Then my childhood best friend, who has resurfaced from mushing for a moment.
Yes, sleds.
Notice how I keep referencing a crush?
I think it's fun...
keep you all guessing.
"Crush" is just code for "my canadian prescription drug supplier". heh.
I should probably stop making fun of things I don't understand.

I am chilly.
Which is much less aromatic than being chilli.
And much less long-South American-country-like than being Chile.
(yeah, that was a stretch. bite me.)
And much less spicey than being a chilli...
And much less tattoo'ed than being a Red...Hot...chilli...Pepper!
And much less crazy-sexy-cool than being Chilli...

fuck you and goodnight

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