Monday, January 16, 2006

Braless Tuesday

School, then gym, then a party...
little time for such frivolities as blogging.
Ok, that's a lie.
Every moment I'm not driving or sweating will be spent here.
This is my sanctuary (kind of like the ones for endangered species of birds)
and I have realized that I am using this little portal to hide from the world,
but hey--what the hell does the world need me for, anyway??
Fuck the world.
I have my -wide web.

I am way too lazy for this shit, so instead I'm posting an oldie but a goodie...
I know!!
I have done more repeats than new ones for the past few months...
And I'd like to offer my apologies, but frankly it would be an empty, insincere attempt, so I won't bother.
The fucking of oneself is always an option, if ya don't like something I have to say.
Standard protocol, etc.

Here ya go:
(damn dirty pervs)

The current (fat-enhanced) size

The same shirt, two years ago

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