Friday, January 06, 2006

Is it Friday?

For some reason that just doesn't seem right.
(yes, I realize it was a short week.)
yesterday, while at the gym, I almost fell off my treadmill when I thought I had missed class.
Then I remembered that the semester starts NEXT WEEK.
That was a precarious moment, though.
And today I have a sick child, who isn't terribly sick, but needed to stay home anyway.

I felt guilty for not posting anything yesterday...
Not guilty enough to make today's post extra special, just guilty enough to mention it.
With a shrug.
...and possibly a roll of the eye.

It is friday, and that is glorious...supposedly.
I fell asleep before ten last night, which was a tad disturbing.
especially considering that I had 3 movies to watch, some stuff to write, AND had skipped a HomeOwner's Association meeting.
Raise your hand if you give a shit--even a small one.
I didn't raise MY hand, so I hope you didn't either.
Why am I trying to post when I have vomitted boredom all over this page already?
...I guess that would be the aforementioned guilt.

I don't like to spend much time talking about TV shows on here,
because that doesn't seem terribly relevant to me,
When I watch The Office, I am so moved by Jim and Pam's painful interactions,
that I must express myself.
It is SO real.
It's something I relate to, I guess.
Unrequited love will always be my favorite subject.
It is so intense, so stark, so...
And to watch it unfolding is priceless.
Whoever writes that storyline is my sappy hero.
Cuz it's not even sappy...

And that is the icing on my "I have nothing" cake.

PLEASE remind me to add links.
No, don't. It'll make me tired.
I think I have mono.
just kidding...
I probably have a case of Lazy-itis.
I caught it from my husband last week,
and it's not going away.

Fork me in the ass.
No, really--it might wake me up.
Ok, that was a waste.
I am sorry for wasting your time...
If I find a spare brain cell later, I'll write again.

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