Sunday, January 15, 2006

The trouble with experiments involving alcohol is--

alcohol tends to cause distractions to sponanteously erupt.
That doesn't seem like the right word, "erupt". Um.
But the point is: I have enough distractions in my life
my head
my shoes.
I don't need this crap.
Oh, but I do.
That's why I've bothered with an experiment, you see.
Because I believe I may require some medical assistance in the construction of some writing samples...
ok, not "medical", technically....
But, like, self-medication.
Ok, ok, but it's just an experiment.
...and did I mention it's an experiment??
Yup, I did.
And I'm not drunk yet, so that was intentional.

I want to lock my office door and KEEP DRINKING.
I want to devote my life to reading blogs--
to drinking down the essence of other souls scattered across the globe, their locations negligible because what rreally matters is their words.

Do you like my new profile picture?
It looks like I'm sort of winking, when it's that small.
If you view the larger version of it, you can tell I'm actually giving you the evil,
evil eye.
Or possibly the bedroom eye, depending on who you are.
I am so tempted to add a hyperlink to "you".
Would I????
Nope, never.
Because, as I mentioned earlier this week: who I fuck in my head (not to be confused with "fucking with your head") is entirely my business.
Also, beer from 1 to 2 on a sunday afternoon is pretty swell.

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