Friday, January 20, 2006

Just a quickie--

There are definitely some kinks to work out with this new template,
but overall, I love it.
And just to clarify: I didn't create the page, I just found the template and modified it to include my picture and links.
The blogger bar at the top is missing, and I'll need to work on replacing that,
but I remember when I had my last custom template
(anyone remember my orange flower? Loved that one...)
it didn't work right at first either.
Damned if I know what I did to get it running right, though!
I will tweak it some more next chance I get...
Anyone with html knowledge is more than welcome to offer some advice
(batting of eyes, pouting of lips...)

I wish I had a stash of wit I could dip into,
cuz I'd really like to toss a handful your way.
Instead, maybe I'll scoop up some snow--
a marvel, isn't it?
So fluffy and sharp, all at the same time.
Cold, and wet as it slides down the back of my neck.

I'm sure I'll be back soon--
but have a geat weekend anyway.

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