Saturday, January 21, 2006

blogging from park city

I am at the condo of the crossword folks who came to see themselves in the movie.
there are 5 laptops crowded around a beautiful table, but we are all so mutli-talented that we can be social and anti-social at the same time.
These folks are waaaay smarter than I am, by the way.
It's rather mind-blowing...they finish the ridiculous sorts of times like 7 minutes....I can maybe read through all the clues in 7 minutes...
it's been a great day, lots of snow, lots of great conversation.
I met the star of the film, Will Shortz, and feel rather humbled by the intelligence and the coolness factors.
oh...speaking of how cool I'm not--
I wrote a post on paper while they were watching the film.
I didn't get in...bah
It was great fun, I'll transcribe it later, for your viewing pleasure.

Now I shall return from the land of anti-social to the peace and love of the city of social.


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