Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I probably have things I should be doing

but this is my morning.
Just for me.
To settle, and soak, and sync.
I don't want to talk about anything at the moment.
I was sort of raring to post, but then I stumbled onto a very moving blog entry by someone I don't really know, and it was sad because I know what happened later, and mostly it reminded me of who I would have been if I hadn't met or married my husband.
...I like run-on sentences, don't you?

I just closed my eyes and had a conversation with my doctor that included such winning phrases as "it's as if my sinuses have leaked into my skull" and "I could use a tune-up"...
it's true though.
Maybe that's just called a headache, but I'm claiming brain tumor.
You can't stop me.
I do need to call him, though, because my pharmacy is incompetant and I have run out of my god damn thyroid medicine again.
Yes, it's the pharmacy's fault this time.
Bite me.

Also, here's a helpful tip: when you're planning to start a new diet, don't make an apple pie.
Especially since your (my) husband doesn't like cooked fruit.
Your husband is so picky.
It is entirely possible that I am planning on having pie for breakfast.

I woke up at around 2:30 this morning, to the sound of my kids' TV...
so I went to investigate.
They were sitting in their bunk beds, laughing at the show.
Watching TV in the middle of the night???
I turned it off and reprimanded them,
and this morning I found evidence that they were playing computer games and eating pizza as well.
It was sort of a freaky 10-year flash forward/nightmare.
I'm pretty sure they're still only 5...

I better go, for now.
But, as part of my absence from the computer I will be locating and preparing for post-age the pictures from my joint braless Tuesday photo with Orange!
Hopefully I got better lighting than she did...

Happy Wednesday to all, and to all a good night/morning/afternoon/time zone--

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