Monday, January 30, 2006

Morning, sunshine(s)--

I can feel the caffeine buzzing through me in tiny droplets--
like the tears of an ant.
Tears of laughter, though, cuz coffee makes me crazy-in-a-good way.
And YES, for those of you skeptics out there, crazy can be good.
I wish I would remember to read through my posts before posting them.
If/when I read one of my published posts, I immediately notice every error,
but as many of you know, my laziness reaches far and wide into the depths of my ability to act on such knowledge.
Oh well.

Bo Bice, singing for Kenny Wayne Shepperd would be too orgasmic for me to stay clothed.
Just a little unnecessary info to add to your dosier.
...what? You don't keep intricate records of all the bloggers in your life?
Well, I don't either...ahem...
Hey! Look at that naked chick on the hood of that vintage corvette!!

So anyway, I'm having a good day today.
And I guess I could pitch some sort of Academy Awards type speech, with my longer-than-any-list-about-laundry list of thank-ees,
but frankly?
(note to self: I have GOT to put some effort into using "but frankly" less often.)
It's 99% due to the coffee.
So, Thanks Starbucks whole bean, which I ground up in my grinder and brewed in my brewer (not Jim Breuer), and mixed with my (surprisingly not bad tasting) fat free coffeemate creamer and splenda (trademark).
Cheers to all of you--especially Jim Breuer.

I now have super important things to do, since, A. I have FINALLY (mercifully) caught up on much of my neglected blog reading, and B. I don't remember the rest.
WAS there a B??
Anywho, I bought some cool new bath stuff that I'm dying to try, including an anti-shine clay mask, some super silky bath oil, and something with a suction cup.
I have precisely 60 minutes until I have to pick up the kids from school.
On my mark, get set--

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