Wednesday, January 18, 2006

There's no business like blog business

...and while I'd like to explore the diverse possibilities for truth and deeper meaning in that sentence--
I'm not gonna.
Come on...we all know I'm too lazy for that.

I am somewhere in that hazy place of having too much that I want to say,
and too little that I feel like saying.

I learned something in class yesterday:
I would never purposely own or use a pink-inked pen.
Hey! I never said I learned it from the teacher!
Just a little smattering of self-discovery...
which is always nice.
But really, I mean, PINK???
Or purple or turqoise or green, for that matter.
In college?
To take notes for class??
Pink has to be the worst, though--
my eyes were crossing and recrossing (and they're not even Catholic!)
just from looking over her shoulder and trying to see whose name was in the heart with hers.
Ok, ok.
But really.
It's not so much that I hate pink, I just have very little use for it.
I love rich tones.
And black.
My 9 year old neice excitedly told me that the phone she wants comes in pink--
I sort of forgot where I was and failed to force something better out of my mouth than a flat-toned, "I hate pink."
Aw...she's 9! She's allowed to love pink.
Good thing she has more self-confidence at 9 than I had until I was about 25:
in other words, she didn't let my opinion influence hers.
Which ROCKS.
She said, "Oh yeah, you like black, huh?"
She either has a WAY better memory than I do (entirely possible)
or she could just tell by the mean and nasty look on my face.
Green is technically my favorite color, but you wouldn't know it.
I don't own much that is green, and despite my yearnings of younger year,
I will NOT be purchasing a green car.
Oh...speaking of my car.
My husband is notorious for changing his mind.
And for being a mega control freak about money.
He has now decided that it will be better if we wait until May,
when some investment or other becomes available and we can pay cash.
I'm really not sure what's so bad about paying interest for a couple of months,
and mostly I just want my fucking Volvo.
with all-wheel drive.
Oh well.
how can I argue with logic like that?
Anyway, I felt it was my legal obligation to let you know that all my excitement and test driving and putting up for sale of my current car
I may have thrown a small tantrum when he told me the news...
but the good thing is, "small tantrum" means I sighed, curtly and smooshed my closed lips back and forth exactly 2.5 times, and said, "Ok."
and then we moved along to the hot sweaty sex or the me-cooking/bring-him-breakfast-in-bed part.
Those are good parts.

Ok, so tomorrow, I will be receiving a visitor for the furthest reaches of the mid-west....
Ms. Orange Tangerine, herself!!
She's coming to town for the Sundance festivities,
and we are going to have a blast.
She will probably be accepting bids for the rights to our story no sooner than Monday evening, so get your paperwork in order.
There has been discussion of a joint Braless Tuesday shot,
and some drunken, co blogging.
You're jealous, you don't have to tell me.
We are gonna rule the school. house?
yeah, something like that.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up calling her "Orange" for at least half the time.
Can't wait to see her new 'do!!

I am going to go shower and go shopping.
The boys have a friend coming over today for their first official playdate!!
His mom's coming, too, because we don't really know each other yet.
She's adorable, so here's hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful kid-trading friendship!!

Have a happy day, and don't forget to brush.
Or flush.
...and try not to rush...

(sorry, got stuck on the rhyme train, and couldn't get off!)

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