Monday, January 02, 2006

Here's how I know I'm blogging too much:

Every post almost starts with, "I should be showering, but--"

And it's true.
I should.
I am supposed to be leaving in about 30 minutes for a new Year's day celebration.
I will need to shower, dress my kids, and make clam chowder...
But instead I am here.
I had to come...
I have a story to tell.

I remember taking a walk that night--
hearing the front door close behind me,
shutting out the brightness, silencing the tv, the phone and the family.
I remember the way my hands felt,
pushed, in fists into the fur-lined pockets of my thick jacket.
I thrilled at their silkiness, my heart racing as I connected with something primal.
I smelled it on the sharp night air,
even if I didn't recognize it yet.
I walked quickly, with purpose.
I didn't have one...but I forged ahead, almost compelled.
I took an unknown path, but knew my way well.
I saw my breath puff into the air, and be quickly lost behind me, as I pressed forward.
Lost in thought, I became slowly aware that my footsteps were being echoed,
and it didn't startle me.
It felt comfortable, and right.
I sighed and slowed my pace.
I wanted to be enveloped by this...
this feeling.
I stopped, heart racing--muffled, like it was coming from the far end of a long hallway.
I turned, in slow motion and caught something moving at lightening speed, out of the corner of my eye.
My whole body felt alive--
an electric jolt sent through each artery, a flood of warmth rising in my chest.
I blinked, softly biting my lip, and as my eyelids raised,
my focus landed on a face.
Involuntarily I stepped toward him, my mouth opening slightly, my hands shaking.
Such luminous skin, such dark eyes.
I could smell the velvet of his suit, and taste the silk of his scarf--
so close into his embrace was I drawn, in an instant.
I would say he took my breath away, but it was more than that, and less.
The timeline was suddenly a scribbled mess, no order.
My neck arched back, as I leaned deeper into his arms, reaching for his open mouth.
His arms held me like iron bars, and the tips of his canines pierced the delicate whiteness of my throat with a flash of light behind my closed eyes.
My fingers dug into him, my body felt as though it was becoming an extension of him.
He was pulling my life out with his mouth, but I felt more vivid with each of his greedy swallows.
I let out a silent scream--
I would have called it ecstasy, but it could have been pain.
He stepped back and licked his lips.
His eyes regained focus, and his heaving chest settled.
I was shaking and whiter than ever before.
he trailed a finger inside my shirt, the buttons falling off before he touched them.
He leaned and kissed the inner part of my left breast; my heart.
It responded to the proximity of his lips by beating harder and pushing me back into his arms.
Take it all, I whispered--
I could have shouted it, it wouldn't have mattered.
My words slid into his ear with the smoothness of wine across a tongue.
He ran his hands along the fading warmth of my skin, inside my layers of coat and shirt, pulling me to him harder than before.
I trembled with need, so much more than I'd ever felt for a man.
Come with me, he said, though I never saw his lips move.
His bleeding wrist was at my mouth and I licked.
The world exploded into more millions of colors than I could have imagined,
as my body was quenched of every desire it had ever felt or would ever feel--
and was consumed by them all at once.
He smiled...if you could call it that.
I was hungry; suddenly--fiercely.
Let's hunt, my love.
I nodded, wide-eyed, and took the hand he offered me.

I'll have to read that over later.
I hope it flows and does't have too many typos.

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