Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Well happy April Fool's Day. I wish i had the energy to concoct some elaborate wonderful trick. But alas, my family has been sick for the past few days--all of us--and it's not pretty. I haven't been sick in a couple of years, at least, and the kids haven't really been sick this winter, more than a few sniffles. DAmmmmit. i hate being sick. i had forgotten how much i hate it. i have this wretched sore throat that hurts so excrutiatingly every time i swallow that i've considered taking up spitting. har har. still a dirty mind even if it is fogged up by all the different stupid medicines i've been taking. i think medicine is a bit misleading--they're cough suppressants and pain relievers, not things which actually cure a person. I wish there was a cure. Hell, I'd settle for a throat lozenge that actually put a dent in this horrible pain. My dear husband has even stayed home from work the past two days to finish recovering and to help me manage. He got sick first, so he's feeling a little better already, but it still sucks all the way around. I hate being sick!!! And if only i felt a little better, i could go have beers with my best friend tonight. She's getting divorced, and she just moved into her new apartment today so we're celebrating. It's too bad that it didn't work out, but we all knew from the beginning that it wouldn't. She's great, so hopefully she'll find someone worthwhile soon. If only my throat didn't feel like i had gargled razors, i would be fine. dammmmmmmit. I was thinking of pulling a good april fool's joke on my husband by pulling the positive pregnancy test out of my scrap book from when i had the twinners(yes, i know, that's pretty yucky), and telling him i just took it...however, i think that wouldn't be very funny and i'm just not into the joking thing today. i want to sleep.

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