Sunday, April 06, 2003

So i'm still having kooky dreams on a regular basis. The last two nights they've been really warm happy dreams, so i don't know if that counts as kooky, but i just like that word. They still count as kooky, though, because one of them was about my date with Vin Diesel, which is about as likely to happen as that whole hell freezing over phenomenon that is so popular with the kids, and the other was about another equally unlikely romantic encounter.

Last night my friend and I successfully pulled off the husband set up--like a blind date, for our husbands, you know? I met this girl last year and we became instant friends--rare for me, i'm usually really slow to warm up to people--and we've been dying to hook our husbands up so we can all go out. Anyway, it went well. We had a buffer couple, which helped, because both husbands have known that couple for years. We had some wonderful Italian at a little place with white linen table cloths and good wine, and then we went to a comedy club, which was fantastic. One of the dudes, the headliner actually, was really creepy. a definite child molester type, and frankly he was just not as funny as the openers but it was still great all around.

i learned that the statutory rape age in Utah is 14, so if you're 15 and want to screw some 30 year old--have at it. Too bad i didn't know that back when i was 21 and shagging the 17 year old, i would have been far less skittish around his mother--hey, he was hot, bite me.

Okay, I'll admit it, i forgot the whole time change thing. when you have no job and pretty much no life, it's easy to forget such pesky things as that. But it also doesn't cause any embarassing lateness because there's nothing to be late for.

Skipped the gym all week last week, since i could barely stand and the kids aren't allowed in the day care when they're sick anyway. To tell you how sick i was, i didn't even realize i wasn't going to the gym until like thursday. Yeah, I know. Scary. I was totally out of it. I am recommitted (lordy i miss spellcheck!) to two things: major weight loss efforts and putting in substantial time on that god damn novel. i am just at such a "stuck" sort of place right now, though. i have to go through like a hundred pages and manually change the narrative voice to third person from first person and it's boring. i was thinking of paying my nieces to do it, but i'm too lazy--i know, that's bad, isn't it? too lazy to ask someone else to do something i'm too lazy to do...god help me.

Do you know who I love madly? Jamie Oliver, from the Food Network. He is such a sexy bloke.

WE're at 45 days from vacationland--waaaaaaaaa-hoooooooo!!!

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