Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Well it was a good first day back to the routine after being "out sick" all week!! We went to the gym--which felt absolutely fantastic. I got a little light headed at about the 35 minute mark of my run, so i walked the last ten minutes--grrrr. Oh well. I did some new ab stuff today, too--gotta mix that up frequently you know.

Well, my best friend made it safely, healthily, back from Thailand. We're going for a hike this weekend to catch up. She's a fantastic photographer so i can't wait to see her pictures. She is such a world traveller--i am jealous! I got married, she got wings. Oh well. When the boys are old enough to not need a babysitter, I'll start travelling.

I found an interesting site just now called Girls Are Pretty. The author names each day as a special holiday of some highly creative kind--generally funny, always interesting.

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