Sunday, April 27, 2003

okay. just got back from "night out with girls"...and boy do i have some stories. don't know if i have the energy to gix typos right now, so deal. one of my best friends, of 6 years, who is getting divorced, and I went out iwth one of her other friends....i joined them a couple of hours into theier drinking and wow. um. she and i used to pick up guys, well, she was making out with the other is a bit much to adjust to...not that i object, i just was a bit caught off guard. it's fine though. and there was karaoke and a guy actually sang iron maiden, run ot the hills....and there were other people of interest. much too drunk still to think clearly about all this. had to get that off myh chest to avoied lying awak e all night. feeling a bit like raymi--posting whilst shitfaced, etc. god damn. not so easy as it may look, sound appear, feel, taste, smell, whateveer........certainly more tomorrow and possibly even typo corrections...hugs and kisses to you all, because hey--if she can make out with a girl, i guess i can offer cyber hugs and kisses to a bunch of multi sexed strangers.

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