Thursday, April 24, 2003

hey there, world. it's nice to feel you at the tips of my fingers again. my parents are in town and even though i haven't been able to exercise enough self control to keep from compulsively checking my email every five minutes, i haven't had time to read or respond to any of it, or post here. it's fun, though. makes me wish i lived a little closer to them--say, three thousand miles or so...anyway. having tons of fun--read: mom's spoiling me. yeeee haw! she's so sweet. she's a fantastic seamstress so we're sewing me some clothes--i always have these cool ideas, but i am not skilled enough to execute them, so when she's here we usually work on them; again, read the "we" in the last sentence as "she"...i usually learn a little more each time, but i'm a fucking slow learner when it comes to stuff like that, besides the fact that i prefer to wing it. I made a great dress a couple of years ago, and it was the first time i had sewn sleeves, and since i didn't get what the pattern was talking about i just figured out a way to do it. totally incorrect, but worked out just great. anyway. this skirt is phenomenal. i just love picking out fabric and seeing in my mind how great it's going to look and knowing that no one else is going to show up wearing the same thing as me. it's nice. i might be a home ec nerd, but i don't care.

so who wants some of the bubbly i cracked open to celebrate the none too hasty retreat of one lame-ass no talent Miss Carmen? I was so poised to start a national campaign to boycott american idol if she didn't get her "can't hit a note with a fucking baseball bat" self voted off that show. i know, i know. it's tv. it doesn't really matter. but if you'll scroll down a bit and read that post...well, you'll understand. it's not about me actually caring about a show and its integrity and purity of talent. it all comes back to the really important things in life: how much i hate utah and why. =) time for sleep.

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