Monday, April 21, 2003

hope you all had a lovely easter. it was, at least, beautiful weather today. my boys had candy for breakfast, and that's never good...ugh. my poor dad got to see them for the first time in almost a year in a state of sugar high frenzy and post sugar high hysteria. He's so cool though. Didn't bother him a bit...although he did take a two hour nap(okay, that actually doesn't mean anything, my dad naps at least once a day sometimes more--he's retired, he can do that)...then there was big easter dinner and it was fun and delicious, etc, but oliver positioned himself on the screen door leading out to the deck and opened and closed it at least 4000 times... max finally discovered the little stone waterfall/pool that my brother made (their yard is gorgeous--took him 5 years of evenings after work and saturdays, but he did it all and it's really fantastic) and found a cup somewhere and proceeded to attempt to empty the thing...which was better than throwing things in the water, right????? so it was fun. my two oldest nieces had the prom last night, so i attempted to hear all about it, but they had already told all the good stories a dozen times and my kids kept interupting, so it wasn't as satisfying as i had hoped. they're so cute!! they remind me of my sister and i, as far as birth order and personality traits. and they're such gooooooooood kids and pretty and smart. I LOOOOOOOVE my family, and i don't mean that in a sappy way, i just mean i have so much fun with my brothers and their families. there's always lots of laughing and stuff. they're at least half the reason i can handle being here and am sad at the thought of leaving--even though i do hate it. utah sucks. let's not forget that important fact.

oh, i am so incredibly proud of myself--i only had one donut. just one. and i didn't even have to talk myself into it, i just really didn't want more. and today after lunch, i didn't have any dessert even though there were several options. of course, i was outside supervising the future pool boy and doorman, but still...i also left the remainder of the dessert i took to the party so that i wouldn't feel compelled to eat it. so there.

one of my best friends is getting divorced and today she was saying she wasn't sure if working three days a week was going to cut it, but she didn't want to just work more at the currrent job, so we were discussing job got real ugly. she suggested whoring, and i said, "why not be a stripper?" cuz she's long legged, skinny and has decent jugs. Her response was so great, "Cuz I can't dance." I laughed so hard over that. but not as hard as when she was describing how much she had started hating her husband in the final weeks before moving out--"I hate the way he breathes, I hate the way he chews, I hate the way he fastens his belt, i hate the way he checked the mail..." the list went on, and my side began to ache...but, I realized that that's probably the point when you better be ready to admit to yourself, to your spouse, to any stranger on the street that it's over and there's no going back.

damn i hate this chair. would somebody please come over to my house and get my orgasmically comfortable chair from the upstairs office for me?????? this is pathetic. i'm even sitting in the chair that the kids knocked over so many times that a couple of the spokes in the back are broken and they kind of poke into my back when i'm slouched in the most comfortable position...not so comfortable now, is it???

anyone who's going to iron maiden in madison sq. garden can kiss my ass.

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