Sunday, March 30, 2003

Only two and a half hours until I'm "off" for the day! yeeeeeee-haw! Nothing makes you love your kids more than being away from them for a few hours, I tell you what. Whoever said "absence makes the heart grow fonder" was most definitely talking about stay-home moms and their kids. I mean, I can be on the verge of actively searching for gypsies to whom I could sell my children for a very low price, and if I then get to go away for a couple of hours--even just to the g.d. grocery store--I return with great feelings of tenderness and adoration. It's a beautiful thing. So i'm going to see two movies and have dinner.

I had the kookiest dream last night about my memorial day trip to Maine...apparently it was the night before i was supposed to leave there to come home and i was panicking, realizing i hadn't seen any of my friends yet, not to mention that i was planning to take a BUS home and i had looked at the schedule wrong so i wouldn't be able to leave for another few days, but my husband was there and he was insisting that i leave as planned...and all sorts of other strange stuff. it's so hard to translate the strangeness of dreams into words, because it's usually the strangeness of the situations rather than the situations themselves...and the way things feel. ack. whatever.

ooh! i miscalculated (more like, guessed wrong) and it's only 52 days until i will be smelling salty ocean air and devouring seafood at every turn. that makes my heart soar. It also makes my stomach a bit queasy, since I'm not quite a stick figure yet and I'd really like to be. That's okay, it's not reunion time yet, and i still look ten times better than i did last summer when i saw all the same people i'm going to be seeing in 52 days...I'm as deep as a puddle over here, so look out!

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