Thursday, April 17, 2003

oh my goodnes. i don't even know where to start. deep breath. I am an American Idol fan, and for those of you who know me, i'm not a fan of Utah, even though i live here...perhaps because i live here, but that's a different gripe for a different day. Today my friends, today, the gripe is about stupid, no-talent Carmen not getting voted off last night!!! what in the bloody hell was that all about?? i nearly threw my tv out the window. i mean, come on, people. she really sucks, like bad. probably 90% of her performances have sucked, and only 40 or 50 % of Kim's were subpar, maybe even fewer. I know no one ever said life is fair, but COME THE FUCK ON, PEOPLE!!! Do you all want to know why she had more votes? Do you? I'll tell you. it's because people in utah are SHEEP. not cute cuddly little farm creatures that are good for making sweaters, but pathetic uniformly following without a thought of their own SHEEEP. grrrrr. Everyone in utah votes for her like 60 million times because she's from utah. that's all. they don't honestly think she's better than anyone else on the show, and most of them probably know deep down that she sucks horse shit, but yet, they still vote for her. she is such a gigantic dork. she reminds me waaaaaaaaaay too much of that faggy BYU student who was on The Real World. and our stupid local news does highlights about her every tuesday and wednesday and last night they were saying how the phone company in utah was taking extra precautions so that "all the people voting for carmen can get through" and i just wanted to scream at them "Some of us aren't voting for her!!!!!" in fact, i almost voted once for everyone else, just to give her a negative one from me, but i'm too lazy. i mean, hell, if i'm not going to throw my tv out the window over something as blooding curdlingly upsetting as her dumb ass getting to stay when someone better had to leave, what makes you think i'd actually pick up my phone and dial it??? please. i've got calories to cling to here, people.

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