Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Ta da! I'm a real true working girl. I spent a whole 3 hours at the office--wow, i'm bushed. Okay, not really, but it was perfect. i was late, though. it was mostly the kids' fault but also i had to get gas on the way and i got lost looking for the babysitter's house...they all look the same here, really. and also, i'm TERRIBLE with finding places. i always think i can find my way back if i've sbeen somewhere once or twice, as a, not so. oh well. my supervisor cared about as much as i thought she would. then, my husband took forever setting up my work station and then he wanted me to go do an errand for him, which i did but only because he thinks i'm silly for not wanting to do certain types of things and i knew he'd be impressed/proud of me if i did it...anyway, it went well. it was fun, etc. i'm just hoping i don't end up skipping the gym because of this. oh yeah, and one of the girls i used to work with (who shares my birthday and our first pregnancies had the same due date...mine came early cuz it was twins and she has since had another baby, but the point is we were pregnant together and it was cool) still works there but works from home and she came in to pick up some work today so we got to chat. i think i talked her into coming in to the office a couple of times a week, so that would be fun. we could have lunch together or whatever. She's writing a book too--how funny is that? and my boys had a great time at the babysitter's. i was worried that they would tear her house apart or swear or something...they say "shit" all the time. they don't really know what it means, they just like the sound of it so they say it over and over and little turret's babies.

i did a little work on "the book" last night. god i love my book. i just need to force myself to work on it. maybe i'll work on it one day a week while the kids are at the sitter and just do extra hours of work at night. it's a lot easier to do that boring work with other stuff going on, like the tv or even the kids, but it's hard to get much work done on the book without some time to really focus. anyway. i do love it.

only 35 days until i'm in Maine. Could I be a little more pathetic? My parents will be here Saturday, and after they leave it's only 3 1/2 weeks until I get on that beautiful shiny jet plane. i wish i didn't feel so compelled to scour my house before they arrive--i know they don't really care if my house is spotless, and worse, it's not like i could trick them into believing that's just how i always keep it, because i talk to my mom for an hour at least once a week and she knows what goes on here (hint: nothing). Oh well. if it weren't for their visits some things would never get dusting baseboards and washing walls...why can't i hire a maid??? oh!!!! maybe i can! i am a working girl now!! see, what did i tell you? i start earning five bucks a week and i think i'm queen shit on turd island and can start spending like a maniac. oh well. i don't really care about money, but the things it can buy are often dumb did THAT sound????

so it looks like Raymi has abandoned her site temporarily, or possibly permanently. it didn't surprise me. she needed a break, i think. I am still really loving that holiday website. it really cracks me up. that woman is fu-neeee.

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