Saturday, April 19, 2003

wow, so what's new? Um...i was up until 5 this morning...not partying, not playing, not loving, not writing (sadly), not dreaming. No, it was much better. having a serious discussion with the husband, a state of the union if you will...(what a great pun--I'm beaming with pride!) Good stuff. So needles to say--no, not needles so much as needless (and that was easier than finding the backspace key, trust me). Needless to say, I'm a little less than chipper today. I hate getting only 3 hours of sleep. Hell, I hate getting fewer than 10 hours!!! Oh well.

I'm listening to some recommended Anthrax right now--goooooood stuff.

We're going to look at cars today. I'm kind of excited. We were planning on getting me a Trailblazer, but as much as love such things, I'd really rather have something a little more fuel efficient--i have a little bit of a conscience at least...I love the internet. i"ve been comparing models all week, trying to figure out what i want and all from the comfort of my own hard kitchen chair...this thing SUCKS! I am too lazy to go upstairs and use my docking station and 21 mutherfucking inch monitor and my gorgeous plush, adjustable, rolly office chair. Hey--it requires unplugging my computer and walking like 86 steps, some of which are stairs, so I mean, come on. Is it a wonder to any of you that i require a gym to burn calories?? I am probably the laziest son of a bitch alive--but only because i am giggling at the fact that i called myself a son of a bitch, because i'm a girl and mom's so sweet--she's never in her life yelled at me. can you believe that? my husband can't. heeee heee. if he so much as gives me a stern look i get all pouty and tell him to stop yelling at me. it's not my fault i'm a whiney whimp--you can thank my mom for that. just kidding. i mean, it's nice to blame everyon else for whatever you can, as often as you can, but since my mom is about as close to perfect as any single human being can be without spontaneously ascending into heaven and getting pampered by angels and all that...then i couldn't really blame her for anything.

wow! this is fucking me up in a great way! Anthrax Crush. wow! I need to burn this and drive really fast with my windows down. oooooooooooh--workout tune. aaah. i have been seriously needing a burst of new inspirational tunes. that makes me snort. see, everyone here is obsessed with inspiration of a religious kind. blaaaaaaaaaaaah. when will i throw off this mantel of oppression (mostly self imposed, frankly) and feel free and alive again. oh lord. i love this song. i need to go for a run right now. gaaaaaaaaaaaawd. adrenaline. does someone have attention deficit disorder?????????

my parents arrive tonight. just to give you a hint at what an amazingly sweet woman my mother is, she's bringing 3 dozen DUNKIN DONUTS. Okay, if any of you were raised with those and have moved somewhere they do not exist, you'll relate, or even if you're a Krispy Kreme fan and have been torn from their vicinity...but not get me started on the taste test here...i mean, the warm glazed are pretty tasty, but the rest of the KK's donuts not even come close to a big fat juicy vanilla creme filled. i'm feeling a bit moist. (I meant my mouth is watering, you perverts!!!) This is how pathetically I am addicted to the DD: my parents land at 10pm and the airport is about an hour away. My brother was going to pick them up, since they're staying at his house tonight, but I sweetly volunteered. "Oh no, I don't mind. I am really anxious to see them!!" Read: I can't wait to get my lips around one or twelve of those marvelous pastries!!!!! Okay. i better go for a run, so as to burn off those 4.3 billion calories i'm planning to consume, before hand. see, i'm thinking like an anorexic--now if only i could folllow through with the NOT EATING part of it....hmm...

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