Friday, March 24, 2006


I will not skip the gym
I will not let my kids play too long on their computers, so that I can play too long on mine...
I will keep my dirty thoughts to myself--
no, I won't.
But I will be a good friend.
And I will take the kids for haircuts and ice cream.
I think...
that today will be a good day.
It has surely started out well.
It seems like a month since I said I was going skiing on Sunday.
Was it Monday?
So long ago, and still so far into the future.
Two whole days.
I have floated, in my head, between memories and projections and wishes.
it feels fuzzy.

To be a guitar,
To lie across your lap--
fingers pulling songs from the surface of me,
from the core of me,
from the tips of my own fingers and my unwept tears.
Songs spilling out of me,
whispering out of me,
roaring out of me.
Fingers coaxing, fingers demanding.
I can feel your fingers moving across my skin and see the music rising from me like a mist...
Ah, what's the use?
My neck’s too short.

I woke up too early,
I stayed up too late.
One of those statements is a lie.
I cleaned my shower this morning,
and rewarded myself accordingly...
I was in the shower, and I thought, "Hey, now that I have my detachable shower head/massager, I can clean the shower! Why don't I do it while I'm still in the shower, so I don't worry about getting wet?"
So I did.
And when I finished, I thought...
about lips pressing against that spot just below my ear,
and teeth finding so many secret, perfect landing spots...
I thought about hands roaming backs and backsides and fingers slipping and
and...entering and...
I thought about legs wrapping around strong backs, and being pressed against the cold tile wall.
I saw myself through the newly crystal-clear walls of the shower, reflected in the mirrors.
My wet hair drying just a little, my eyes blazing...
and I watched myself thinking of all those things,
and saw that precise moment when it all passed from clear thoughts of body parts and actions and reactions to--
a wave of pleasure, washing through me, over me, around me.
I loved the look on my face.

And Fantasy Friday makes a feeble, short-lived come back!

Ok, be good.
Enjoy the weekend, and remind me to read my homework.
(Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein")

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