Sunday, March 26, 2006

Best laid plans

of mice and men--
or even just of those who plan to get laid...
Anywho, our plans to ski were usurped by,
I suspect,
hubby's fatigue/laziness,
but I won't say a word.
Instead we went to a movie and did a little shopping.
It was nice, but my lingering hangover and the lingering snow from last night's storm, have me feeling a little grouchy.
And fighting to keep my eyes open.


framed pictures from france trip
organized junk drawer
got new towels

i can see the sky reflected in the upper corner of the on-but-unwatched tv.
there are piles of cumulus against blue, with light pushing through, making the edges of those clouds shine.
if I turn my head and look out that dome-shaped window above the large, shuttered rectangle windows, I see only crisp blue sky.
I love that I can see something else in its reflection...
Aren't we all more than just what's on the surface?
mmm...some of us are.

I am so sleepy.
My eyes are heavy.

I had lobster last night.
one whole Maine lobster.
it was deeeeeeee
now I must blink my way back to this page.
it was a wonderful dinner--
can't beat the company, and the food of course was marvelicous.
Yes, I'm into "-licious" today.
and I wouldn't mind a little licious in me. wink wink.
Ok, so anyway.
The evening was groovy.
I had raw oysters for the first time.
No crazy sex ensued, so I think I'll assume it's a myth, a legend, a tale-o-wives.
A blatant lie, or a harmless exaggeration.
It certainly did remind me of the final move in giving head.

my ankle twisted today while I was standing in line.
stupid fucking shoes.
it aches, dully.
not unlike my heart does sometimes when I think certain thoughts.

Should I post when I feel like sleeping?
probably not.
but now I have a whining child.
I juuust sat down.
we've been painting and snacking and hanging out in the kitchen,
but now that I'm up here trying not to sleep, I am being attacked by the killer whine.
ok, it's over.
He thought I should come find a game for him on the internet.
I though I should lay here and do nothing.
a bit of a conflict, eh?
please tell me I'm a lazy selfish bitch.
I dare you.
I'll unhinge my jaw and shove you into my mouth, feet first, and gnaw at you with my 12 rows of razor-sharp teeth.
I'm no bitch.
I'm a baracuda-python-black widow.
I remember watching pool championships with my last set of roommates before I got married.
Zeke said something about the black widow,
and I asked if she was from africa and her husband had died.
isn't it grea tto know that I've always been a smart ass?
some things never change.

I am actually not as grumpy as all that.
Just sleepy.
I haven't started reading that book yet, either.

-for you

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