Monday, March 20, 2006

I think it's safe to call this--

Manic Monday.
because I've been beseiged by the bastard child of jetlag and pms,
but now it has passed.
I am sleeping normal (ish) hours, and hormones have resettled,
and I'm even full of Godiva chocolate.
Oh yeah, and the best part:
Mama's got a brand new laptop!
Ok, it's not "brand new", it's a hand-me-down, but still...
James Brown didn't sing a song about a second hand computer, so I had to use poetic license.
(mine's expiring this year so I finally get to get a new one. er. my driver's license that is. I should scan it in so you can see how ridiculously horrendously awful I look in that fucking picture. I was glowering, and purposely gave myself double chins, and hadn't looked in a mirror in at least a month...hey, the twins were not only 11 months old, but were WITH ME at the DMV, so back off.)
Hubby's friend gave it to him becuase it wasn't booting.
Mr. fantastic computer husband of mine simply re-installed Windows and
Laptop for Lisa.
There's not a lot I like more than free stuff.
Even sex and chocolate are slightly lower on my list.
So guess what this means?
There is a whole new world of computer use and abuse spread out before me.
Oh, what to do?
Where to start?
I think I'll do it on the kitchen table, and maybe on the rug in front of the fireplace...
mmmm....blogging my way all over the house, fuckers!
yeeeee haaaaw!
My battery lasts for almost 5 hours, too.
This fact alone is orgasmic. I just bitching about my reputation as a highly sexually charged site...?
Next time, just slap me.
across the ass.
Dammit, see what I mean?

Thursday night: dinner with best friend and best friend's mom (visiting from maine)
Saturday night: dinner with laptop donor and wife (who both happen to rank among my favorite people in utah--and I'm not just saying that because they sometimes read the site. no, actually i'm refraining from going into detail about how hot he is because they sometimes read the site. oops.)
Sunday: SKIING
I wish Giovanna would be here, as I suspect she could teach me a thing or twelve.
I'm a bit of an amateur.
And I'm also immature, but I guess that's not related.
What to see how immature I am?
Hold on, let me find the picture...
(blogger's not letting me upload. will get it up soon. snicker.)
This was taken in the Louvre.
I don't know who that is, or who it's by, but YOU CAN SEE HIS PACKAGE.
see also: 70m tapestry with horse endowments.
I am a 12 year old boy.
deal with it.

ok, I think I'll go shower.
I hope you're all having a lovely Monday.
unless it's Tuesday.

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