Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Braless, Beerless, Spaless, Cheerless

...I just like to rhyme.

So yeah, it's Tuesday.
I sorta mosty forgot, but here's a little flash in the pan(ts) for ya.

Actually, I guess this is the back view of the one I posted last week--
standing in front of a mirror
(which was specifically purchased to go on the wall in our front room, almost a year ago, but has been sitting around waiting to be hung...like a horse??? Or a capital criminal...?)
is a good way to take a braless photo.

So, I guess rather than a celebration of the beauty that is an unencumbered Tuesday,
this picture serves to remind you that you're just watching me walk away...
or that I'd like to invite you to kiss my ass.
(or bite it, depending on my mood--and your damn name.)

Have I mentioned lately...
that I'm really excited for my trip?
Someone mentioned Moulin Rouge, and I brushed it off, because I'm going with my Mom.
I think I'll go anyway...
maybe pick up some cheap Parisian hookers.
(or, more likely, expensive ones).
Wait, that didn't come out right!
Not picking up any hookers.
At all.
I will, however, be picking up some wine.

I had things to say, but now I don't.
I'm just getting packed up, and making sure the house is well stocked for the family.
I have been very organized, so I'm sure I forgot something important.
Oh well.

I have some absolutely wonderful-amazing-fantastic guest bloggers filling in for me while I'm gone.
Do yourselves a huge favor, and read what they write here.
But don't stop there--
go read their sites, their archives, their palms.

I have a cold.

Au revoir, mes amours!

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