Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I am feeling defiant.
Unwilling to post a braless photo, for reasons unspoken.
I am, however, on the verge of posting something entirely nude.
Odd combination of thoughts, I know.
The problem with option B is that every time I consider doing that,
I feel like I'm putting myself in a category of women bloggers that I loathe.
I think I'm in a bad mood today
this week ...
er...this YEAR??

who cares?
I am just letting my thoughts wander,
when really I came here to decide whether or not to post a picture, or of what variety.
And, some of you will be sad to learn, it would seem that any inclination for posting more of myself than I have before has passed--
the rest of you will be as relieved as I am.
I shall blame the weather for my temper...

I am completely over that little outburst from yesterday...
it has colored the way I see things, and has left a bitter taste in my mouth.
I talked to a friend today...
someone I love with all my heart--
no, more than that.
If I close my eyes, my thoughts are held in, and they prickle against the inside of my skin, like a cactus.

It may just be the salty residue of winter,
but I feel the need to be...
I want to be free...
I guess I need to buy my freedom, before it's too late.
before my soul atrophies.
before my heart turns from blood to oil.
before my eyes stop seeing anything beyond my reflection in the windows...

that was pretty heavy stuff, eh?
Thanks for hanging in there.
I'll go looking for a photo of some kind.
Be right back.
Well, that took longer than expected.
I'm posting two, and they are recycled, so bite me.

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