Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Good morning starshine...

the earth says, 'hello'."
And I say, "bite me."

I have way too much to do,
but it's all happy stuff.
I'm just feeling the stress of details.
I have a few more to finalize...
But I'm sure no one wants to hear my complaining about all I have to do before leaving for a weekend at a cabin with a hot tub and a sauna and great friends and snowmobiles...or how I only have two days between that trip and the one to France...
That reminds me--
someone mentioned that I wouldn't need a Eurrail pass if I was just staying in Paris, and I'm not. I'm going to Normandy to see the D-Day beaches and Mont St. Michel, and I'm going to the Loire Valley to see the chateaux.
I think I'll pencil in some time to be excited about the trip on Monday afternoon.
Monday afternoon is already overbooked.
I have a hair appointment and a trainer appointment at the same time.
deep breath.

And this is why I shouldn't even bother blogging right now.
I'm probably going to forget, but I should ask some people to do guest posts while I'm gone.
Please don't let me forget that it's my husband's 30th birthday this Saturday.
I asked him what he wanted.
He said, "hookers."
He's SO helpful.
Maybe I'll get him a package of hooks.

and now, brought to you by the letter L (for lazy) and the number 69--
a post from last year:

When it's cold outside--

but for real--it IS cold outside....and it IS the month of May.
i wonder what other song lines are true right now?
i bet there are at least 3 more.
maybe as many as 500.

i'm also using my husband's computer--and its TWENTY SEVEN INCH MONITOR.
holy lord.
i have to turn my head to see everything on the screen.
it's kinda giving me a boner.
and a therefore i embody both parties in a in a stale marriage.
(if you got that, i'll give you a nickel)
which reminds me--in some random dream i had last night, there was a canadian fourteen dollar bill.
and i started to worry about the exchange rate.
uh, okay.
sometimes i think i am CRAZY.
other times...well, i guess i pretty much just know.
and on occassion i even have silent lucidity.
one more song line...

and my husband just walked in, scaring the shit out of me.

kay, i'm back.

well i don't think i have anything to say today.
i know i say that a lot.
and for some strange reason it usually seems to clear my mind so I am able to write.
i have that damn Nair song stuck in my head...
"if you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts"
so that's a huge thrill.
better than a damn barney song, but not much.

oh wait...
i think i see one little dusty thought rattling around up there...
what is it?
come here little thought...come to mama...
well that was a disappointment--it was just more of the Nair jingle.
oh well, i had to chase it down to be sure.

I think i should admit that I'm ornery this morning.
and I'm not sure why.
I'm sort of filled with this gnawing feeling of disgust with the human race, annoyance lurking just below the surface, growliness poised to spring into a roar......
for no reason.
probably pms or hunger.
or the fact that i've had too much sleep AND to much sex lately.
okay, that was my attempt at humor---calm down.
yes, i know there can never be too much of either of those.

maybe i'll grab a protein bar...
see what kind of mood swing that puts into action.

so far so good...
there's a warning on the side of the wrapper...
"do not use if foil wrapper is torn or missing."
if it's missing---?
how would i read the warning?
well, hell, now i feel so good i better run along to the gym.
have a swell day.

Truly, have a swell day.
I'll miss you while I'm gone.

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