Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home again home again, jiggity jig.

But only for a heartbeat, I suppose.

I am hungover (of course) and glowing with satisfaction, fulfillment and radiation.
At least I think that's what that stuff was.
So we saw a geyser and did it in the sauna and rode hard and long.
The snowmobiles, that is.
Holy fucking shit, you guys.
If you've never driven a snowmobile, do it.
I don't care if you live in California, or NEW ZEALAND.
Find one.
Shoot some snow out of your ass, and ride the damn thing.
It is so much fun.
I was flying over jumps (smaaaaall ones) and whizzing across plains and climbing hills.
Oh, sweet jeezus I think I will move to Alaska just so there is more time to ride one.
It could not have been a better weekend.
We all had a fantastic time.
I almost won at poker, and I did win some scratch tickets (22$ total) from the convenience store--
I forgot we weren't in Utah!!
I have never purchased any before, cuz I think they're lame.
But it was a fucking rush.

I am.
Happy and
and achy and

Oh yeah, and we went to the Lava Hot Springs:
mineral baths.
Wonderful. So soothing and relaxing--and invigorating, too.

I think I'm going to go throw up in my shoe.

p.s. if I didn't mention it before, I discovered that Brazilians ARE possible.
I'll have to schedule one for when I get back.
For now, the new Nair kit I bought witha non-razor shaver thingy works fabulously.
Holy smooth batman.

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