Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Classic Potatoes*

Greetings, citizens of the greater Bored Housewife metropolitan area! And welcome to the first guest post. My name is Orange, and I'll be your host today. Wasn’t it sweet of Lisa to arrange for guest bloggers during her French vacation so we could all still come here to misbehave?

In keeping with Lisa’s overall sex-positive gem├╝tlichkeit, let’s talk about fantasies. Fantasies are good, clean fun, even when they’re downright filthy. The ability to fantasize is an essential tool—if all you thought about during a Wild Rumpus for One® was your to-do list or last night’s episode of The Office, you’d never get off. (Unless you’re, like, totally grooving on Dwight.)

So, what fantasies get you hot and bothered? Is there something you’re positive would be an amazingly hot experience...but you’re pretty sure you’ll never actually do it?

I’ve got a couple. One is doing it with the bedroom curtains open. Now, there’s a four-story building behind mine, not to mention its parking lot, so there are too many people who might see us—and then recognize us at the corner store or the bus stop. Never gonna happen. Too risky. But the idea of it? That's potent stuff.

Another is more overtly public hanky-panky—say, feeling each other up on a train, or in a restaurant. Hot stuff, definitely, but Mr. Tangerine and I are generally law-abiding individuals with a decent grasp of etiquette. So these sorts of events are unlikely to transpire.

Of course, the forbidden nature of fantasy material is what makes it so juicy, right? Even if you don’t live on the edge, you can imagine being there, and in your mind, you and your body can leap off the edge and soar to incredible heights. So, what’s your recurring theme? Let's hear it.

Orange, signing off

*What’s with the title? My five-year-old son, hearing the word classic last night, exclaimed, “Classic potatoes!” We know not why.

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