Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Time out!

I had an epiphany today--
or was that an epistle?
Just kidding...
it was an epiphany--a grand revelation.
I will let go of the blog for as long as it takes for me to return from all my tripping.
I will attempt to arrange for some guest posters,
and I'm sure I'll do at least one audio post,
and at least one post from France (probably more).
I will furtively check comments and email from some frenchly charming internet cafe,
and hope they have an english keyboard...
I will sneak bottles of wine,
and sneak out of my room at night--
re-enacting the rebelious teenage years of someone else.
I think I am ready to let go.
And just live.
I wanted you to be with me, but I guess that's not possible.
I will be back.
And I will be better than ever.
...ok, that last line isn't a sure thing, but I am.
Oh, I feel fine, yes I do.
I bought a simply gorgeous skirt today.
Long and lucious--like someone I know (majorly).
ooh, that made me quiver.
I think I'll take my muse with me this weekend,
and definitely to France.
My muse...oh, my love.
I'll be around tomorrow (Thursday),
and I'll be back on Monday and Tuesday...
but then, I'm off.
Like a fucking prom dress, baby!
I'm going to make like a bread truck...
and haul buns.
I'm going to make like Jesus a shepherd...
and get the flock outta here.

I was supposed to go to a study group tonight...
but hubby decided he was ready for a tumble.
There had been some banter about reverse cowgirl earlier--
he said something about me not doing it, but in some strange context;
I wish I could remember.
He was joking, or not actually talking about sex, but it still got my panties in a twist.
Put a fire in my eye.
Cuz I guess it has been a little while since I've reversed it, so I defiantly proceeded with that tonight.
That'll teach him.
...I'm such a rebel.
So now I have to go study by myself.
I'm going to bomb this test.
Do I care?
eh, not really.
I'm learning stuff, so I don't really care what the grades are.
That's yet another luxury of earning a degree without much intention of having a career.
As my boys Monster Magnet once said, "I'm never gonna work/another day in my life/the gods told me to relax/they said I'm gonna be fixed up fine!"
or something like that.
It's a joke...I work every day.
And I am no stranger to hard work--used to work 80 hour weeks, on my feet (waitressing).
I wore it like a badge of honor--
never complained, stayed late, covered shifts.
Now...I whine if I have to plan two vacations in the same month.
what happened to me????
I got soft.
I got spoiled.
I got.
Time to study.

Yes, Nancy, I'll email you.
D-Man, you better be ready to guest post me (that sounded dirty...).
Dick, you heard the call from the masses--and I second the motion. You in?
Lamburger, baby, you have no time, but if you're interested, email me.
Tootsie Roll, you're SO in.
LazyLazyMe--if you're not feeling too lazy, you're certainly invited.
I can't remember everyone else that Orange listed,
but I would also like to nominate the Tangerine queen--she's quite a saucy thing, but doesn't often get the chance to express that side of herself on her own blog.
I will prepare some posts, too, and leave them as drafts.
Ok, if you're interested, email me at: boredhousewife at cdadirect dot com
and please please please, if you're not listed above, but you're interested, email me--I have 14 more things on my mind than I'm legally allowed to carry, so my oversights are HIGHLY unintentional.

Peace. Love. Charity. Chastity...? Nah.

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