Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm your Audio Slave

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No, not really.
Amusing requested a synopsis, or a misleading title, but that's just not my nature.
There is no synopsis for talking about nothing.
I believe I got some drool on my phone at one point, recounting the "boy chest" photo from last week, as I called it.
And I threatened to follow through my...threat (dammit, that's almost as bad as the "allow myself to introduce...myself" from austin powers) to stop posting braless shots.
And I mentioned the A- I just got on my mid-term--
which was much better than I had expected, since I didn't study.

I am now off to attempt to fix this blasted template, with the help of a new commenter, MikieB.
Now you all know who to blame if I fuck it up.
wish me luck--

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