Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Well, i'm back. blaaaah. utah still sucks. the contrasting weather is rather comical, though. it was in the 50's and raining every day i was in Maine, and it's about 100 degrees here right now. for once it doesn't really bother me. i was kind of enjoying it. of course, my house is a luxurious 72, so that helps. Although...the hubby crashed my car yesterday--on his way to drop off HIS vehicle to have the AC fixed. yes, folks, that's right--i'm stuck driving an oven for a couple of days. His brother was driving my car the day he took me to the airport, and crashed it (no damage) and then the day he picked me up from the airport he crashed it himself. sigh. At least he can never make fun of me again for not treating cars well. In fact, that's the second time he's been in an accident in the past two years--both times he rear ended someone who stopped at a GREEN light. or so he says...hmmm....i'm beginning to see a pattern...'s good to be "home". my little rugrats were pretty excited to see me. but my husband took advantage of my absence to give them a haircut...i'm not opposed to haircuts, but he knows i detest the buzz cuts he likes to give them! their hair is too light colored. it does not look good. and their heads aren't favorably shaped to wear such a style--simply put: they look terrible. oh well. they're still my little baby bears.

The visit home was really good. it was relaxing and fun. Got to spend lots of time with my parents and sister--felt a little weird, just the four of us like when we were younger. my dad would say something nit picky to my mom, she would roll her eyes at us, he would catch her exasperated tone and get offended, my sister would attempt to put him in his place, i would tell her to stay out of it....good times. for the record that only happened twice and most of the time we all had a great time. the three of us girls, especially. there was a lot of disturbing extended family stuff, that i'll relate next time.

it's bed time. gotta do jammies....

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