Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Hmm..does Richard Marx really belong on VH1 Classic? Pardon my obsession, by the, i really have no life. sigh. but my new leather couch/love seat/chair and ottoman are extraordinary--i wanna have sex with them, or at leat on them... I wish Richard Marx would shut the hell up, though, because i'm feeling waaaaaaaaaaaay less cool just knowing he's crooning in such close proximity to my leather...

So my friend and her licky licky buddy came over today to borrow some dresses for a wedding they're going to tomorrow...we hung out and yadda yadda yadda---ope, just kidding! the whole time we were sitting in my room looking through my closet, etc, i was thinking how excited my husband would be if he walked in and saw us all there. Too bad (for him) that i'm not interested in joining their little licky licky club. i'm smiling to myself sitting here...despite Richard fucking Marx. Yes, i know, i could go get the remote and mute his ass, but come on!! If you know nothing else about me (and how could you not know pretty much everything, even if this is the first time you've read my blog--i'm a god damned open book) hmm..where was I? the parenthesized comment sort of took over my train of thought...oh, yeah. if you know nothing else about me, you must know that i am lazy lazy lazy--with a capital L but too lazy to hit the shift key. now that my friends, is lazy.

Yes, i'm going to bore you with the countdown--AGAIN. One week from today and i'll be packed and giving my husband some fantastic good bye sex (because i'll be too excited to sleep, so why not?). I know I'm silly to be so excited, but you have to remember, that for a stay at home mom, the only REAL vacation is time off from cooking, cleaning, and chasing my two little tornados around!! not to mention the seafood and spending time with family and friends who i never see. in fact i've been regularly emailing one of my cousins who i spent a lot of time with as a child, but not so much after we moved (2 whole miles away) and it's so much fun! see, there were four of us: my sister and our two cousins and we were basically next door neighbors, down on this sparsely populated road to a sweeeeeet little sand beach (ocean) where we built tree houses, learned to ride bikes, caught turtles in the creek, made "camps" out in the woods, where half of our mother's kitchen supplies ended up...and raised kittens together, and rescued baby birds and ran from their older brother when he caught snakes...and tromped into our grandmother's house (who lived between us) and said in a chorus of cute little girl voices, "Grammy? Whaddayou have to eat?" and it was always kool-aid and twinkies or devil dogs or ring dings...and we rode bikes to the nearest store (like 3 miles) and planned how exactly we would foil the attempted kidnapping which was sure to be perpetrated upon us at any minute (that was the big thing then)...and life was beautiful. Is it any wonder i want to raise my kids there? good golly miss molly, that was one friggin' idyllic childhood!!! hmm...anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing the girls. AND i used to babysit for one of my cousins' kids. and now they're all grown up and i haven't seen them in YEARS. so i hope they're at the Memorial...for the aforementioned grandmother. She kicked ass. I can't believe she's really gone.

And to end on an up note: We Are the World is playing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa. my fourth grade teacher TOTALLY played that every day at the end of the day while we waited for the bell to ring. that was bob dylan?? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! paul simon...kenny rogers...tina baby...ray charles...stevie wonder...the boss! damn. that song was so warm and fuzzy.

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