Friday, May 16, 2003

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.......i had the BEST workout today. i did lots of lunges yesterday so my ass and thighs are nice and sore today and i beat the shit out of my back and biceps today so hopefully they'll be sore tomorrow. i LOVE being sore--it reminds me that what i'm doing is not pointless...even if i am running on a treadmill. ha ha. oooh. and my abs/obliques. i killed those motherfuckers yesterday and they feel great. too bad i'm not skinny enough to be really ripped yet--but i will be soon, don't you worry.

Coolest thing happened today. i was just stepping onto the front porch to whisk a tired little boy off to his nap, when i heard shouting from the next door neighbors...mother and teenage daughter swearing profusely rather loudly...then daughter starts walking. a little bit later i was about to go out and get my mail, but i saw a police car parked in front of their house so i waited, because i didn't want to seem nosy...but that cop was HOT, so i was tempted to go out just to get a better look...that little girl is a fiesty one. she was suspended from school last week (she's 14) for beating a girl up so badly she had to be hospitalized. yikes. she looks like a pretty little 16 year old--rather curvy for 14--but apparently she's quite scary.

i need to do something special to celebrate reaching 1000 hits...i know! i'll go shopping! yeeee-haaawww! i used to love shopping, when i was skinny, but then i got lard-ass-ishly fat and avoided the whole shopping thing with a fevered intensity. I need a few things. including a birthday present for my sister who i'll be seeing in Maine...her birthday was december 3rd. oops. it's not that i forget these things, it's just that i have a phobia of the post office. so back off. okay, time to get to work.

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